Research and Strategic Planning

We help develop evidence-informed strategies relating to sustainable development, gender equality and women empowerment, education, caring for foster children, and socio-economic wellbeing.

Our preferred method comprises sequential data collection techniques:

  1. Situational analysis of relevant local, national and regional strategic contexts, and current service provision
  2. Collation and synthesis of relevant evidence-informed interventions
  3. Stakeholder interviews with internal and external stakeholders
  4. Financial review of project, program or organizational priorities
  5. Stakeholder focus group to prioritize identified actions
  6. Circulation of draft strategy for comment and revision

Project Lifecycle

Provide responsive support throughout the project lifecycle — including project scoping, management, and quality assurance.

Identify Funding Sources

Review and identify funding sources and innovative mechanisms to secure project funding for your cause.

Grant Writing

Prepare grant applications to relevant agencies — including concept notes and proposal development with project budgets.

Capacity Building

Train your team and relevant stakeholders on the tools to ensure long-term success by providing guidance and sharing knowledge, including through staff self-assessment.


Advocate — at local, national and international levels — for resources and policy changes needed to ensure your cause is understood and achievable.

What's in the name?

Turquoise Lives is passionate about enabling women and children to reach their full potential for a world where we all become our best selves.

We feel that many organizations are passionate about their worthy cause, but require further tools and expertise to operate effectively. Turquoise Lives helps social impact organizations realize effectiveness through strategic planning, project management, grant writing, capacity building, and advocacy.

Turquoise is a stone of protection, esteemed amongst cultures across all regions — Ancient Egyptians, Persians and Chinese, Aztecs and Incas of South America, and Native North Americans. It’s healing and energetic qualities are the essences of Turquoise Lives where we aim to enable women and children to reach their full potential, particularly persons in vulnerable situations. Each life is precious and deserves the protection and power to thrive. We work globally to help social impact organizations succeed at benefiting women and children since they are populations most disadvantaged in terms of social power and influence, control of resources, control of their bodies and participation in public life—all as a result of socially determined gender roles and relations.

Together, lives will thrive!

Morgan and Syrian student

Turquoise Lives’ Founder and Managing Director, Morgan Brannon, has extensive experience in international development and strategic management consulting. During her time with the United Nations, The World Bank, and private sector, she was a key contributor to developing and implementing humanitarian projects through working with donors, governmental authorities, multilateral banks, civil society and other stakeholders. Morgan has developed and implemented evidence-informed strategies for the United Nations and managed a regional partnerships portfolio for US$100 million business acquisition. Additionally, she prepared grant applications that have attracted millions in donor funding, and developed projects for community wellbeing through implementing capacity building and advocacy campaigns.

Morgan is passionate about international development and thrives in tackling global issues, from education to protection from violence to economic growth, ensuring no population is left behind. She enables high-performing teams to deliver innovative and results-oriented solutions, tailoring approaches that address identified challenges. Experience with the UN, World Bank, and private sector escalates her ability to interact and work with clients and colleagues from various cultural backgrounds while being an effective leader.

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