Case Studies

Client: Mirthquake Foundation

Project Duration: March 2017 – August 2017

The Challenge

The vision for Mirthquake Foundation was strong – aiming to progress Australian Aboriginal community development through creative, cultural and environmental initiatives, with emphasis on the community’s current and historical relationship with cetaceans. This avowed purpose lacked clarity and direction for implementation. The organization had not yet been established as a nonprofit, did not have a strategic plan, or an understanding of the situational context where its potential projects could provide the most value to its beneficiaries.

The Solution

To address this challenge, Turquoise Lives completed a detailed assessment and strategy for Mirthquake Foundation to focus its efforts and prioritize projects to benefit particular Australian Aboriginal communities that are in close relation with cetaceans. The strategy and further responses to the charities commission enabled Mirthquake to be established as a nonprofit and therefore receive funding.

The ultimate goal of the strategy to progress Australian Aboriginal community development related creative, cultural and environmental initiatives to issues of concern in the specific communities and identified ways to include locals in developing and implementing solutions. The strategy was developed based on a situational analysis of the Australian Aboriginal communities involved with cetaceans, which identified Mirthquake’s strengths required for success.

Major Activities

  • Situational analysis of relevant Australian Aboriginal community contexts at the local and national levels
  • Collation and synthesis of relevant evidence-informed interventions
  • Stakeholder interviews with internal and external stakeholders
  • Financial review of project and organizational priorities
  • Stakeholder focus group to prioritize identified actions
  • Circulation of draft strategy for comment and revision
  • Legal filing to charities commission to establish the nonprofit


  • Detailed analysis of Australian Aboriginal communities
  • Comprehensive strategy that identifies project plans, management strategy and budget
  • Established as a nonprofit to receive project funding


Further examples available upon request